The Irony of flavored green tea

Turn on any local health station and you are constantly informed with the same truth gospel—green tea is good for you. However, some people are turned off by its seaweed-like flavor. It is because of this that different versions of green tea (i.e green milk tea) are regularly released intended on providing an improved and alternate taste. For people who appreciate the fine flavor of green tea the idea of reflavoring green tea, as found with the introduction of flavored green tea, is often amusing.

With sugar added to improve the taste of traditional green tea there is no denying that it does taste better for many people. These days, it is common to find food items like like ice cream, frozen yogurts and cakes available in green tea flavor. And with all the added taste of milk, sugar and syrup, there is very little left in way of original  green tea flavour. It is important to remember that with the added sweetness comes an increased calorie count. As a result of this, even though green tea is widely accepted as healthy, drinking flavored green tea is an entire different ball game. And so even though it tastes great, it doesn’t necessary mean it is healthy. Just because you’re drinking something that includes green tea doesn’t necessarily mean you’re reaping the health benefits.

But flavored green tea doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Green tea can be sweet and delicious and still retain its healthy content. An easy way of achieving this is by using fruit flavours. For example, a piece of apple or mango or some juice from a pomegranate, will significantly improve the taste of your green tea. The fruit you decide to use will depend on the kind that best appeals to your taste buds.

In the midst of your experimentation with flavors, it doesn’t hurt to give plain Chinese green tea another try. Factors like whether you use fresh leaves or a tea bag and the type of water used will affect the final flavor of your green tea. By using only the very best ingredients, you will be able to get the best flavor out of your green tea. Fresh leaves obviously provide a fresher taste, and depending on where you live, the tap water might have different contents that can alter the taste of green tea. The temperature of the water is also a factor. For the best flavor results, try adding boiling water after it has cooled down a bit. Fresh leaves combined with purified water at the right temperature are most likely to make the best flavored green tea.