You can get away from Hemorrhoids

Multi-hemorrhoids more often aoccurs during the season of summer. What could prevent hemorrhoids from relapsing is so easy, watch out your lifestyle.
Light diet
stay away from alcohol if possible, don’t eat heavy meal because alcohol can cause hemorrhoids venous congestion, expansion and swelling of hemorrhoids; eat too much you will increase inner pressure of your body so that venous return blood from hemorrhoids is affected, thereby make hemorrhoids worse. It helps if you stay away from spicy foods, it only stimulate the vessels of rectum to cause congestion and expansion, so that triggers hemorrhoids.
Teach you a small exercise to help with hemorrhoids, what you do it to take a break for every 2 hours working on the computer. Breath in, relax; breath out, exhale anal contraction and lift anus for 5 seconds or so. Repeat that 10 to 20 times. Blood circulation of rectum and anus will be fastened due to this little work-out.
Prevention of Constipation
Constipation will result in hemorrhoids. Never ignore the signal of stool and reading the newspaper while sitting on the toilet is another bad habit. Rectum won’t be responsive to the signal of stool any more if you keep doing that for too long. A lot of water wil be drawn out by the colon before it gets to the rectum. As the stool stays in the colon too long, it gets difficult for defecation and cause the vein for congestion, it leads to hemorrhoids prolapse or bleeding.
Clinically proven, if only occasional blood in the stool or hemorrhoids prolapse and perianal stimulation with mild symptoms, defecation can be resolved by adjusting one’s diet and avoiding excessive force. On the other hand, large volumn bleeding always calls for immediate treatment for hemorrhoids prolapse. Luckily, one of many natural hemorrhoids cure could give you a successful hemorroids remedy.
Finally, when it is fall, people are easy affected by disease. All kinds of diseases like hemorrhoids and other anal disease could easily get upon people, especially the older people. The elderly seems get troubled with those anal disease every day. The elderly must pay more attention to the anus health so that they could prevent them from happening.
People feel hopeless while suffering hemorrhoids. What it takes is your attention at greater details in your everyday living to ensure hemerrhoids never come to bother you again.
To maintain patency stool, you should develop a daily regular bowel preferences. Taking a cup of cold water once you wake up and moving on to your daily toilet routine are good habits. The bleeding from hemorrhoids could happen when you sit a long time on the toilet. For pregnant female, standing up is another reason for hemorrhoids. Taking sesame, bee honey could smooth the stool and reduce the possiblility of hemorrhoids.

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